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Hi πŸ‘‹, I am Han

UI Engineer based on Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I am a multi-disciplinary Frontend Developer and UI Designer who have experience creating projects in a various industry and have worked with diverse clients from all over the world. I merge technical and design skills to create innovative product with beautiful and functional user experiences.


Why hire me for your next project?

I worked with a various background of client and different type of product as a software engineer (frontend) or UI designer. I help them to solve their business problem on the technology end.

I have a principle that is "stay simple and stay humble". I believe, simplicity hides a great deal of complexity and thoroughness. I see every project as a process of solving a problem. Now it's time to solve your problems in detail, in depth, and of course with simplicity.


Best solution to boost your project and business

Are you a professional who needs an attractive website for your business or service? Does your current website looks like it "old-fashioned"? Is it not mobile responsive? It doesn't have a modern look and optimal user experience across various devices, and browsers?

Well, you're in the right place.

Frontend Web Developer

Details in the code and verbose documentation. I guaranteed free session until you can run my code on your system.

User Interface Designer

I look at every UI design project as a process in solving a problem. I am considering all the aspects until the UI design is β€œwork”.


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